Let things go-simply because you are not a superhuman. You are just a human with sky being your limit. 

Embrace yourself.

A mother is a person who confidently puts her whole world in a perspective and does every possible thing for it. Being a mom is about making choices, expecting warmth, forgiveness, a ton of disappointments, but unparalleled happiness in the end. After giving birth, the prime focus is obviously the child but managing other things- like your career, and emotions, is equally important. You need to give yourself that pampering, in order to keep up with the mom-duties. In my earnest opinion, having a balance between your career, kids, yourself, and your companions for life- is the best bet you can have. Read on to find out how. 

  1. Don’t give in to the mom-guilt. 

Moms are often judged for getting back to work, leaving their child at home. You need to stop giving into that stereotype. The societal pressure would lead you to take decisions which might not benefit you in real terms. So, decide what’s best for you and then take a firm decision. In that process, you will obviously hurt people- which might concern you at the beginning but would be gratifying in the long run. Hence, be confident, do not let the guilt make room in you, and more importantly value your choice- simply for it’s yours. 

  1. Reduce distractions to save your time. 

Little things do a whole lot of good, no kidding. Make a schedule, prioritize things, and be efficient with work at hand. Identify and stop the triggers that make you lose time. Pre-plan grocery runs, make business calls when you are commuting, start your mornings a little early to avoid fuss, when you are free focus on spending time with your kids. Target your productivity to maximize your time. 

  1. Self-indulgence is a must. 

You cannot ignore this one, because ‘me-time’ is the deal maker for your mental well-being. Lose yourself while reading a book, meditating, going for a run, doing yoga, watching your favourite series, shopping, painting, or just some self-care session at a salon. Remember to eat well, while taking apt care of your needs. Because it is only when you are recharged and relaxed, that you can reconnect. 

  1. Do not procrastinate. 

Keeping occupied between kids, and work is obvious, but try to not procrastinate things. Doing so will only add up to your stress levels. So, if you have set a goal for something, just do it without a second thought. Also, try not being too hard on yourself. So, if there’s something that you have procrastinated, and later you feel you can’t do it, learn to accept and let go. 

  1. Say a loud ‘yes’, and a louder ‘no’. 

It is a normal human tendency, that accepting things that you like and dislike has no defined boundaries. As a person who wants to create a balance, setting boundaries and staying truthful to yourself is important. If you cannot make it with your friends, because you want to spend time with your kids, say a loud NO to them. Alternatively, if you know there is something that is going to add value to your life, say a loud YES. If you set boundaries, you are much likely to create a balance. 

Handing over to you:

Embrace every moment of your life- for it’s yours. Be wrong, make mistakes, love yourself, accept your feelings, fail, make memories, treat yourself every now and then, spend good time with your kids, socialize with your friends, let things go-simply because you are not a superhuman. You are just a human with sky being your limit. 

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