I don’t know what’s stronger – that my daughter has started to become like me or I have begun to find my comfort in her!

She plays a cardinal role of being my cheer-leader.

They say, ‘behind every successful man is a woman’ but what if I told you behind every successful woman is a tribe of women who support, lift, push and cherish each other, and make incredible things happen? Like your mother, sister and friends? Well, I would count my daughter in that tribe too.

As a mother nothing else can soothe my heart more than to witness this little girl of mine, growing into a woman who plays the cardinal role of being my cheer-leader. Every time that she encourages, or comforts me, it is with an inspiring amount of love and grace, and that’s captivating.

Today when I celebrate her, it almost feels like I am celebrating myself. Together, we have created this girls’ lounge and we aim to rise up culturally, personally, financially, mindfully, and with a lot of laughter, lessons, and love. Just unfathomable love.

Happy Birthday Aadhya.♥️

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