Garima Bhandari is an internationally acclaimed Yoga And Wellness Coach , Certified Visual Communications Image Coach, Green life Evangelist and a Coveted Inside-Out Transformation Guide.

If you would have to introduce yourself in a gist, what all will you include about yourself?     

Garima Bhandari is an internationally acclaimed Yoga And Wellness Coach , Certified Visual Communications Image Coach, Green life Evangelist and a Coveted Inside-Out Transformation Guide.

Her exceptional on screen presence, repertoire of talents and ability to create extremely engaging content around them has garnered her collaborations and associations with some of the topmost brands worldwide. in addition to that, the adulation of her hundreds of thousands of followers who avidly consume her content on all social media channels gives her a drive and a reason to create honest creative content that enhances the lives of each and every one through Yoga and Pranayama practices, Home Remedies, Natural Beauty Remedies, Ayurvedic Recipes, Sattvik Lifestyle, Classic and Contemporary Fashion and Lifestyle as well.

She is a leading Mom Blogger and an inspiring content creator across most prominent Social Media platforms. In addition to her wellness, fashion and beauty paradigms, she specialises in Etiquette Training, Impression Management, Professional and Social Protocols, Behaviour Transformations, Body Language and Communication (visual, verbal, vocal) for leading corporate professionals, individuals, students, brides-to-be and homemakers. She specialises in the airline, salon, education (including schools and universities) and beauty pageant industries.

What led you to start your page on Instagram and what is it about?

Becoming an influencer was never my end goal. It is something that just happened. I started out my Instagram account to learn more about yoga and started posting my own yoga pics and experiences and out of nowhere, I received a call from the India Today Group and Times of India for features.  That is when things truly took off. I soon became Brand Ambassador at the Yoga Tak Channel (by AajTak group) and became an international ambassador for the discipline, holding classes and teaching students the world over. The response on my personal channel was so overwhelming that I eventually decided to go off on my own and am now proud to say that I am making real inroads into the Indian Yoga Community and a true difference in the life of my followers.

Also, I used to meet a lot of mothers who would get lost in motherhood and stop taking care of themselves both physically and emotionally because they have to manage the house and kids and, in some cases, also work. As daunting as this is it is of utmost importance that no matter what comes your way that you take care of yourself, especially if you are a mother. I figured if I am a mother of two and I start posting all that I do, my tips and tricks and hacks to keep fit will break the stereotype despite taking care of two kids single handedly and managing the house and managing work, it might inspire other women to do the same as well. Which is exactly what I did. Fortunately my traction and my views went through the roof and brands and followers took notice of the authenticity.  The followers kept coming in, I was made the ambassador and face of India’s most prominent health and wellness channel. And that’s how I started my journey in becoming an influencer.

How would you distinguish the term blogger from an influencer?

To me the difference between a blogger and an influencer is not of as big a consequence as the difference between an influencer and an inspirer. A lot of people get into the industry with the aim of becoming an influencer, which I find a flawed approach. That is like getting into a profession to become famous. Instead, what I think they should focus on to be able to showcase their real talent, real skills and their ability to make a real difference in the world. That is what gets recognized far more than one influencer aping the other and everyone’s feed looking exactly the same. I have never worried about how pretty my feed looks but instead focused much more on the things that I do that make a real difference even if it means the message goes out to just 500 real valuable users versus 500000 likes or comments.

 Is it financially sustainable to be an influencer today?

Well if you can make it within the industry it is a great earning option. In fact, I was recently reading an article which mentioned that some brands will be attributing upward of 70% of their marketing budget to influencer led activities which is  serious money. But aspirants in this industry should be very, very mindful that this isn’t an easy industry to be in. There will be rejections, cold-calls and many failures till you start seeing a glimmer of home. And it takes a long time, so prepare to be patient and one day you will be able to monetize your content if it brings value to consumer’s lives.

What do you think influences consumer behaviour?

Honesty. Ironically the one thing that influences customer behaviour is not trying to influence their behaviour. The consumers are very intelligent and know how to spot a fake in a second. Be authentic, speak your mind about who you are and even the products you endorse and the world will love you for recommending to them the things that they actually find useful rather than force fitting products that aren’t in your wheelhouse. Learn to say NO to endorsements if you don’t believe in the product.

 Your opinion on Instagram contemplating removing likes option for posts.

I think it might be a great move. ‘Likes’ have become toxic and are causing multiple mental health issues all over the world. Kids check their phones every few seconds to see who has liked their pictures or videos and how quickly the likes are ticking up. Then there is the comparison with friends who have more follower, more likes. It has almost become a norm for social acceptability and there needs to be a solution for that.

 Which is your favorite book and why?

Well there are many. But the one that comes to mind right now is The Little Prince. In yoga, they teach you the beginner mind-set, which means to look at every little thing that you do from a child’s eyes. The Little Prince illustrates that beautifully and starkly shows us how we become jaded as we grow older and inspires us to look at life again from the eyes of a child and appreciate the real beauty and gratefulness in everything.

What is your idea of success or your mantra in life? 

I feel that one has to perform, opportunities come and go and if it doesn’t hone your skill set, it’s all talk is futile. So it’s imperative to “Walk the Talk “. Also be present here. It isn’t about the money, the fame or any of the other usual trappings. It is entirely about if all those things enable you to live precisely in the moment that you are in. No hallucinations of the future, no laments of the past just the pure joy of this very moment. Also never forgetting to revisiting your past daily to see how long you have come. To me nothing is more gratifying in life and that is real success.

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